Year 9 and 10 – Trigonometry


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The module for Stage 5 Trigonometry unit covers the following areas:

A student should be able to

  • Gain an awareness an appreciation for the history and development of trigonometry
  • Correctly Label a right angle triangle
  • Correctly Label a right angle triangle using the trig labels of  HYP,  OPP  and ADJ
  • Identify the sides that will give the Tangent Ratio and work out the ratio
  • Identify the sides to give the Sine Ratio and Cosine Ratio
  • Use a calculator to apply the tan, sin and cos keys to calculate the ratios given the angle
  • Use a calculator to apply the inverse trig ( tan-1, sin-1 and cos-1 ) ratios to work out the correct angle.
  • Have knowledge of the relationships between Sine & Cosine:
  • Introduce the concept of Complementary angels  (angles that add to 90o)
  • Use and remember  SOHCAHTOA to aid in the correct trig ratios to apply to the triangle
  • Calculate the length of the unknown side, when it is a denominator or numerator
  • Calculate the unkown angle given the length of two sides
  • Solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression
  • Solve problems involving compass bearings

The Stage 5 Trigonometry module addresses the following outcomes


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